Understanding Bible Verses About Water

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Understanding Bible Verses About Water

Inspired by my new motivational water bottle from Hydrate Bottles which I got from Hydrate Bottles, I thought I’d put together a list of bible verses about water. There are 66 books in the Bible and out of those 66 books water is mentioned in every book of the Bible. Water, in Christianity, can refer to many things. In the book of Revelation and John, the word water refers to the Holy Spirit or living water.

Water is mentioned in Genesis as God creates the heavens and the earth. Here, God created the bodies of water that are found on earth. The book of Genesis is very explicit in how God created the various elements of earth on each day. On the 7th day, God rested. Today, many Christians still choose to call the Sabbath a day of rest where they don’t do anything except worship God and take a break from the daily rigours of life.

Water is lifegiving. Without water, we would all perish. There are many instances in the Bible where God performs miracles with water. He changes the water to wine, he feeds the multitudes in the desert and makes sure that they have plenty of dew to use as water in the mornings.

God parted the Red Sea so that his people could walk through the waters. Water also has a universal symbol of purity and fertility as noted in baptisms that are performed in the Bible. Water is used to purify people of their sins and to denote new life as they are brought up out of the water born again to a new life.

Living water is the gift of God of eternal life for those who choose to believe in him. Thus, the baptism ritual is death to self and a new life upon the rising up out of the water. Baptism is done differently in different religions. For some, it’s done for infants while others wait until the person is old enough to make their own choices. A few will wait until the person is an adult before they will allow the person to make the decision of baptism.

Baptisms were performed in the Bible numerous times. Many miracles were performed involving water for cleansing purposes such as the time that the leper was told to bathe in the water 7 times before he was cured. It’s a vital component in the Bible to use water for different purposes.

It was an honour to have a woman was a man’s feet after he’d been walking and it was considered a ritual. However, men also washed one another feet. Footwashing was a ritual that was to honour the person and note that you were following their lead. Footwashing is often done at Easter in some religions as a significant statement of following Jesus.

The purification that water signifies denotes death to self and a life led for one’s own purpose whereas the new life, after the baptism, is to be led for serving Jesus and worshipping God.

Jesus feeds 5000 people on a few fishes, some bread, and water. His miracles never cease in the Bible and the Bible tells similar accounts in the various gospels.

In a boat, Jesus is resting and there is a storm. When his disciples wake him Jesus stills the waters. In yet another miracle, Jesus walks on the water. Many have tried this but haven’t the faith to accomplish this feat as Jesus did.

In moments of trial and tribulation, water denotes purity and strength. Water can do a lot of damage as it did in the flood of Noah’s time. Water is one of the most powerful elements mentioned in the Bible and has been used countless times for miracles and purification.