The Birth Jesus Christ


The Birth Jesus Christ

On a special day around 2,000 years back an angel named Gabriel appeared to a young Jewish woman named Mary. Gabriel revealed to Mary she would have a son, Jesus, who will be the Son of God. Mary was confounded and stressed over this sudden news, however she had faith in God and stated, “I am the Lord’s servant; let it be as you say.”

Mary and Joseph who was not yet Mary’s husband, lived in a town called Nazareth. Be that as it may, they needed to journey to the city of Bethlehem to enlist for a census requested by the Roman emperor, Caesar Augustus. Both Nazareth and Bethlehem are in the nation presently called Israel. It is around 65 miles (105 km) from Nazareth to Bethlehem, and the outing presumably took them quite a few days.



When Joseph and Mary got to Bethlehem, there was no place for them to stay because the inn was full and did not have any place. They wound up spending the night in a stable, a place where animals were kept. There was presumably fresh hay on the floor that they utilized for beds. That night, Jesus was conceived. There was no crib, so they laid baby Jesus in a manger, which is used as a feeding trough for animals. The manger most likely had fresh hay in it and made a pleasant bed for the baby.

There were shepherds who were given the news of a saviour, the messiah being born and rushed to Bethlehem and found Jesus in the manger. After they had seen Jesus, they spread the news, and everybody who heard was in wonder.

Sometime later, wise men, or magi, from eastern nations saw a star in the sky that symbolized the birth of a new ruler. They came to Judea, the locale around Jerusalem and Bethlehem, to venerate Jesus, the new ruler.

A man named Herod was the ruler of Judea. He called the wise men to a gathering and instructed them to locate the new lord so he could go and revere him, as well.

The wise men proceeded to Bethlehem and followed the star until the point when it was straightforwardly over the house where Jesus was. They found Mary and Jesus in the house and knelt down to love Him. They brought Jesus gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh, a portion of the finest things in the old world. Frankincense was burnt to make a sweet fragrance, and myrrh was a costly fragrance.

Subsequent to visiting Jesus, the wise men had a dream that warned them not to return to King Herod, so they took an alternate course home.

Ruler Herod lied when he advised the wise men he needed to love Jesus. He was anxious this new “lord” would take his place as a ruler of Judea. He didn’t comprehend that Jesus would grow up to be lord of God’s spiritual kingdom, not ruler of Judea.



What Herod really wanted to do was to discover Jesus and murder him. Herod was angry when he understood the wise men had not returned to disclose to him where to discover Jesus. He sent his officers to Bethlehem to slaughter every one of the children under two years of age, figuring Jesus would surely be one of the ones executed.

Yet, God had advised Joseph in a dream to escape to Egypt. Joseph took Mary and Jesus to live in Egypt where they would be safe from Herod. Joseph, Mary and Jesus remained in Egypt until the point that Herod had passed on, and after that they came back to Nazareth.